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“Who Moved my Keys” …. On Growing Old Gracefully



My daughter and I start every morning the same way.  Rushing to eat our breakfast, packing a healthy lunch, and conducting a last minute wardrobe check.  All systems go; we gather our things, strap into the car, and inevitably I ask her the same questions, “Where are My Keys?”  This is not special behavior I save for my daughter.  I cannot remember the last time I went anywhere with my husband or son that I have not frantically looked for my phone.  I am confident that the APP”Find my Phone” was created with me in mind.  Now if only they would create an APP for “Finding my Glasses“. (This is no easy feat when you have already removed your contacts!)

What is it about growing older?  Are we just distracted? Is old age catching up with us?  Whatever the cause, I am determined to grow old gracefully.

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and I prepared a speech regarding my views on growing old with poise.  I named it “The 30 Things I Now Know that I am 50″.

Here are my favorites that I wanted to share:

·         That your children will turn out just fine if you have a career and travel.  In fact, they might even turn out better.

·         How to finally pick the right man, and that marriage and relationships are a good thing!

·         That life is too short to drink bad wine.

·         That if I eat French fries at lunch it does not mean that I have blown it and that I can’t start my diet again until next Monday.  Further, that dieting only on Mondays is not a good diet strategy.

·         To throw out clothes if I have not worn them in 2 years.  Even if shoulder pads come back in style, am I really going to wear them! 

·        To throw out all clothing that are 2 sized to small.  Even if I can fit back into them, would it really be worth the sacrifice?

·         To shut off my e-mail and cell phone for at least one day a weekend to recharge my personal battery.

·         To have a voice, but not always have an opposing view.

·         That as much as I may want to control my  children, I can’t.  They will do and be what they want.

·         That at 50 I have earned the right to be high maintenance!

·         That it is perfectly acceptable to be domestically challenged.

·         To persevere, and never give up my  dreams.

·         To be grateful every day for the man who decided to put Lycra in jeans and dress pants.

 ·         To be optimistic. 

·         To shut my computer off by 6:30 PM most nights; I am NEVER going to catch up on my e-mails!

·         To empty not fill, with the exception of scarves, boots and other accessories.

·         To laugh at myself and of course at others.

·         To dress like a grown-up but still have an edge.

·         How to surround myself with wonderful people and to truly appreciate the importance of friendship. 

·         That I can’t really eat anything I want if I exercise and do yoga every day, but I will be much calmer about putting on weight.

·         To know when to speak my mind and when to listen.

·         To tell my friends how much I appreciate them, and to make time for them.  Life is fleeting and you never want to have to say “if only I had”.

·         How to truly appreciate the importance of having a great and supportive husband and family and the true value of great friends!


We all lost a beautiful friend, mentor and inspiration this week Fritzi Woods, President of the Women’s Foodservice Forum.   She will be remembered and cherished by all who knew her. It really brings home the importance of treasuring those whom are important to us.

We should all remember to take the time to cherish our friendships, connect on a regular basis and of course appreciate the beauty of life and laughter and above all grow old with dignity and pride.





“Ode to My Peeps” ……..The Importance of Building Social Networks


 Some people are like warm hugs; and some events and experiences give us the shot in the arm we need to remind us of what is important.  They keep us on track as we go through our busy lives, and face the challenges of balancing our careers and home lives.

I am a hugger.  This does not work for everyone, but for me it does.  Whether I meet  you in a casual or work setting, I will take the time and energy required to get to know you on a personal level.

 I am also a connector.  If I meet you and we connect, you will quickly become part of my inner circle.  As a member of my inner circle, I will want you to meet my other “peeps”.  You all bring something unique to the party, which needs to be shared and incorporated into the group.

This was a great week for connections, sharing my network, and spending time with my “peeps”.

 Last weekend, I had the pleasure and honor to watch my dear friend walk down the aisle.  She is part of the unique group within my inner circle I call my “Life Line”. 

 My “Life Line”, defined is “a unique group of friends and colleagues that I call upon in any situation, at any time.  I can count on them to be there, no matter what!” Whatever the situation they listen, offer advice, remain objective, and hold no judgments.  They are the “break glass” in case of emergency, hard core, “tell it as it is”, personal board of directors that follow you throughout your life and career.   If you are reading this, you know who you are.

 During the week, I attended a Women’s Foodservice Event,, at The Culinary Institute of America.  This offered many unique opportunities to connect.  I started with a two hour drive connecting with my new work partner.  Gave an opportunity to a work mentee to connect and learn from Industry icons.  I got to spend time with and connected my favorite outside agency principles to our new employee, and an organization that means so much to me; and lastly put a face to our talented press release writer!  This took place even before the event!

During the Regional Connect, I got to network, reconnect with my special friends, and listened to great words of wisdom from Industry icons! Afterward we,, sponsored a fabulous dinner at the “Culinary Institute”. The energy of the whole event and dinner was charged with both encouragement and warmth, again like a warm hug!

This week I also reconnected with my college roommates at a joint 50th birthday celebration.  I had not seem some of these women in 20 years and It was like time stood still.  The connections were timeless and strong.  I still talk to my childhood friends on a regular basis!

I must also mention my work family.  This unique group of “peeps” form the fabric of everyday with encouragement, teamwork, support and large doses of laughter.

 I am so happy it is fall as it is time to connect with my “neighborhood” peeps.  They are my first line of defense.  They are the day to day, help raise your children, take out your dog, Saturday afternoon nail club, book sharing, early morning walking, birthday dinner celebrating, shop till you drop, 5 am gym rat, afternoon coffee drinking, football widow Sunday movie club constants.  They keep me in balance and remind  me at the end of the week that yes there is a life after work.

I have a wonderful network or friends and colleagues.  Whatever role you play I am grateful to you all.

This week I encourage you all to give a hug, connect to someone on a deeper level, grab a life line, and share your connection with someone else equally awesome! 




New Years Eve Is Not The Only Time For Reflection and Goal Setting!

Labor Day is my second favorite time of year for reflection.

Most people only think of New Years in this way. The perfect time to reflect, set goals, resolutions, and push the restart button. For me it is also Labor Day.

I love Labor Day weekend. The slight chill in the air, time for back to school shopping and new pencils, putting away the lounge chairs and sun tan lotion and getting back to business.

Most people get thin in the summer and put on weight in the winter. For me it’s the opposite! Too many barbecues, dinners out, and ice-cream. Long weekends and vacations surely don’t help. So Tuesday marks “the first day of the rest of my life”. Alarm off at 5, back to the gym, carrot sticks and hummus packed and ready for lunch, my iced coffee to be replaced with green tea.

It is also a great time to clean out my closet both physically and metaphorically. Now I know, if you’re as busy as me, your closet is a mess like mine. You may ask yourself, what have I been putting off and what still needs to be done? What do I need to do to complete my goals and resolutions that I so seriously crafted on New Years Eve?!


There are still four months to put these things in motion.

I am about to go into my busiest time of the year. This is make it or break it time to meet my career objectives and budget goals. What do you need to do to complete your goals and finish strong?

My childhood girlfriend and I started this great tradition when we were 13. We used to take our lounge chairs down to the beach, put our toes in the water, and feel the sunshine on our faces for the last time until next June. We would plan out our first day of school outfits, decide how to ace our classes, and brainstorm on how we were going to finally get the guy. “She always reminded me to take in this wonderful feeling because tomorrow it is back to reality”. I have not broken this tradition to this day.

So this morning after my morning walk in Fire Island I went down to the beach, took off my sneakers, placed my toes in the water and put my face to the sun. I took one last deep breath and savored my last few moments of summer.

Tomorrow when I open my eyes, I will remember this wonderful feeling and I will jump out of bed with a renewed energy. I WILL BE READY TO SEIZE THE DAY AND FINISH STRONG!

Women on beach