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If you were a superhero who would you be, and why?


These are the questions I posed to my team in preparation for our recent annual planning meeting.

Why superheroes you ask?

When we think about superheroes we think of their strengthens; however, superheroes are so much more multifaceted. Each superhero has a special power or strength as well as a major flaw or weakness. Isn’t it the same for you and me? 

 As we develop throughout our career it is important to continually assess our skills.  What are our core competencies? Where do we excel? What makes each of us stand out from the crowd? 

 On the flip side we must remember to evaluate our weaknesses. What do we still need to learn? What is our Achilles heel? What is standing in the way of getting that next great job or promotion?

 Superheroes spend much of their days developing their skills. They gather new tools for their tool belts, create force fields to fight off the competition and stand up to opposing points of view. Above all,   they create coping mechanisms to combat their weaknesses.  Couldn’t we all learn a thing or two from them?


 When superheroes first discover they have superpowers they are always shocked, amazed and have no idea what to do. In each case they find a guide (or mentor) to help them understand and develop their skills, manage the pitfalls, and grow into the best they can be.  Behavior I would recommend to anyone wanting to excel.

 Superheroes main purpose in life is to fight off villains, save the world and build a better tomorrow. Well that sounds a lot like what we do on a daily basis. We fight off the competition, put out fires, and build a better organization for ourselves and the people who will come after us.

 Show me a great superhero and I will show you a great sidekick.  Where would Batman be without Robin? We are all as good as the people we surround ourselves with.  I for one would want my Sales Support Manager Lisa at my side if I was stuck in a burning building.  Or I would turn to our Marketing Director, JoAnn if I wanted to figure out how to fight off our latest opponent. 

 Superheroes can teach us a lot about team building.  Look at the Avengers!  I always tell my team that they are better together then they are apart. Each of them is superstars and has skills and strengths that they share with each other.  We may have our weakness, but as a team we are unstoppable!

 Superheroes also teach us about focus.  They know why they are here, what needs to get done, and they go for it, no questions asked.

 In the end, they always wind up showing their vulnerability. That is what makes them believable, why we follow them, and ultimately trust them with our fate. They almost always fall in love and often have to make difficult work life balance choices.  Look at Spider-Man; he had to choose between the woman he loved and saving the world.

 In retrospect, the superheroes theme was the perfect choice.  After all as I demonstrated, they are a lot like you and I. We have all learned a thing or two from examining their work ethic. 

 So again I ask, if you were a superhero who would you be?   Reply and let me know.



“Memoir of a Weekend Runway”

Women hard at work

If your life is anything like mine November is a busy month both personally and professionally.

It is trade show season, budget planning, and time to tally up the 3rd Quarter results.  It is do or die time in the world of sales and manufacturing.  Maybe it is like that in your world too.  You are left questioning everything.  Are you on track to make budget?  Will you complete your goals? What still needs to be done?

Summer is also officially over.  If you have not cleaned out your garage or switched out your summer clothes for winter, what are you waiting for?!!

 It can all be quite overwhelming.

Last weekend when panicking over how I would get everything done, I made a bold choice.  I decided to drop everything and grab my last bits of fun before getting down to business.  My husband and I decided to run away from home!

 My daughter looked at us in such shock as we packed our bags, loaded the trunk and got ready to drive away.  “Where are you going ?” she asked in surprise. We are going to check into the Marriott”, I beamed.  (I must confess this is not exotic and is only 5 minutes from my home.) Being a platinum level member, or as we like to joke at work, “The abandon your family level”, we get plenty of free hotel nights.  Why not take advantage?

 Although I am not one to procrastinate, I have to say, I highly recommend this behavior.  Once we settled into our room we had cocktails, swam in the pool, and went out for a great dinner.  I woke up in the morning and read my book, that’s it! No e-mail, no laundry, no food shopping, no drawers to clean!  We then went out to brunch, walked around a quaint town, and returned home relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the week and month ahead.

I have been pondering this topic a lot lately.  As work/life balance becomes more difficult scheduling fun into your calendar should become a must!  Now I am not suggesting you should drop everything and check into a hotel every weekend, but surely you can make time for some fun activities.

I have now added scheduling something fun each weekend to my “can do” list.  (See last week’s blog: ). This gives me something to look forward to as the week’s responsibilities build.  It can be as simple as a movie, a great new restaurant, a walk around a new town, discounted theater tickets, or a local festival.  Fall is a great time for pumpkin picking and wine tasting.  (There is actually no bad season for wine tasting).  Even a walk on the beach or on my favorite trail with my buddies gives me the leverage I need to get through the week.

Add scheduling some fun into your “can do” list.  I promise you will love how you feel each Monday.  As they say,  “in life sometimes you need to take a step back to take a step forward.”  In the world of work/life balance, sometimes you need to let loose in order to get focused and get down working.

So enjoy your weekend, grab some excitement and by all means HAVE FUN!!!!!

 Fun 4