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How to press the reset button

There are some weeks or even months that we would love to forget and times we wish we could do over.  Why does it seem that when one thing goes wrong, everything else seems to follow?  It can be as devastating as losing a job or as simple as spilling coffee on your shirt on the way to work.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a reset button?

Of course, I don’t possess a reset button, but I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to help get me back on a positive track!

Turn it up!  Nothing helps turn your state of mind around quicker than music.  I just took a drive with my daughter who turned me on to all her favorite upbeat songs.  We sang the whole way home and I can’t wait to put together a new playlist for the gym, car and office.

Exercise outside.  Nothing clears out the cobwebs faster than taking a deep breath of fresh air.  I love walking the local trail or on the beach.  I always come home refreshed and ready to face the next challenge.

Take a Mini Yoga Break.  5 or 6 Sun Salutations always clears my head. If you can’t stop your mind from running in circles try getting into tree pose.  If you don’t still your mind you will fall.  (Trust me I’ve done it). Bonus Round: Try it in heals at the office. Now that takes concentration!

imageTree pose 2

Lose yourselves in a great book.  This would not be the time for a literary classic.  Find a real page turner, relax and enjoy.  (You can go back to War and Peace when things calm down.) Magazines are also a great release.  Who doesn’t enjoy the “Fashion Police”, “The Best and the Worst Dressed List”, or finding out “Who Rocked It“?

Indulge in a Sunday Afternoon Movie.  Nothing feels more like running away from home than grabbing a Sunday afternoon movie with my girlfriend Kim. If we can’t breakaway for a movie date I find catching up on my favorite television series also does the trick.

Pamper Yourself!  This is no time to let yourself go.  Get a new hair style.  Go for a massage or a mani-pedi.  My favorite Sunday morning activity is doing a home facial.  (I no longer scare my husband and children when they wake up to my various colored masks)

Face mask

Send out an SOS.  I tend to self-isolate, but I am working on it.  I have a great inner circle to call on in emergencies.  A quick phone call or cup of coffee usually does the trick to help me work things through.  (I have now programmed my friends to reach out when I do my disappearing act).

Don’t Hold Back.  If something is bothering you, get it off your chest.  You might not get the answers you want, but you will have given it your best shot.  Finding your voice is not always easy.  I used to either “cut and run” or hold everything in when I was upset. When I finally spoke my mind it would not be pretty.  Now I process it, say it, hope for the best and move on.  That’s it!

Eat Candy.  I always keep a box of Snowcaps in the house and a box of Good & Plenty in my night table in case of an emergency.  Whenever I prepare for a storm or other natural disaster, I buy batteries, water and half dozen boxes of Snowcaps.  (If the world is going to come to an end, I want to make sure I am prepared and don’t run out of chocolate!)

Stay calm and each chocolate

Listen to an Audio book.  I am a self -help audio book junkie (There are worse things). I love to learn new things about time management, leadership and positive thinking.  The classics are great.  Norman Vincent Peale “You Can If You Think You Can” always does the trick to help turn my mood around.

Cleaning.  There is nothing better than cleaning out your closet, both literally and metaphorically.  It is cathartic. (Unfortunately for my family, this is the only time I clean) I highly recommend cleaning while listening to a positive audio book.

Cleaning out your closet


Bonus Round:  Try cleaning while listening to an audio book while doing a home facial. Warning-don’t take the garbage to the curb while wearing the mask. (I can assure you one of your neighbors will be outside at that exact moment)

Just stop.  Stop obsessing, stop over thinking, stop beating yourself up, stop trying to control everything.  Let go and move on.

Stop Everyting

As quoted from Wikipedia- the reset button clears the memory and reboots the machine forcibly. Sometimes that is what it takes.

Tell me how you press the restart button?  Please reply, I would love to know.








“Roll with It” – Tips for Embracing Life’s Ups and Downs

   At the risk of sounding cliché, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”

 I used to spend a lot of time and energy trying to reach equilibrium in life and chasing the status quo.  I have now learned to live in a world of uncertainty and embrace “peaceful connected moments” as they arise.

 What is a “peaceful connected moment” you ask?

 When I first got remarried my husband did not understand what I was talking about when I kept referring to “peaceful connected moments“.  That was before he moved in with my teenagers and we both entered the world of management.

Peaceful connected moments at work are the days you actually finish a project instead putting out fires. You catch up on your e-mails, instead of running from meeting to meeting, or you actually stop to eat lunch, instead of running down the hall while sipping soup out of a mug!

running with soup

 Peaceful connected moments at home are weeks in between college and job interviews for your young adults. Nights you go home after work instead of running to sports events, back to school nights or concerts.  Months where you are not moving into or out of dorm rooms or apartments, your kids come home at a decent hour, and no one smashes the car!  

 They also consist of weekends when you have no scheduled plans and you can just lie on the couch in your pajamas reading and catch up on your favorite programs.

 Let’s face it, if you are anything like me these “peaceful connected moments” described above are few and far between, and I only just brushed the surface! 

 So how can one cope with the frantic pace of a busy live?  I suggest you “roll with it.”

 Here are some of my favorite tips for coping with life’s crazy pace:

 1. Embrace it – Life goes by so quickly; what I would not do now to go after work to watch my son run track or go to my daughters art show!

 2. Learn something– often when work is  most challenging  I learn the most.  Maybe you will need to take a stretch assignment, a new system will need to be created and put into place, or an important lesson needs to be learned for the future.

 3.  Reach Out– Find someone who has walked this path before and contact them. We all like to believe we are terminally unique, but chances are if you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed others are feeling the same way.  I always keep my personal network close at hand during these times to give me personal or professional advice, or talk me off the ledge if necessary!

 4. Take a breath– I am a hugely into meditating.  Now I know that this is not for everyone, but surely you can close your eyes and take a couple of breaths to re-center.  Keep in mind that if you practice traditional meditation in a public setting or at the office people may think you are strange.  (Take it from me and just breathe till you get home.)

Yoga at work

 5.  Look your best   My Aunt Phyllis always used to say, “If you can’t play tennis, then get a great outfit and learn how to jump over the net.”  Put your best self on display.  Only you need to know that you feel overwhelmed.  My sister in law always used to say to me, “You look great, what’s wrong?”

woman jumping over the net

 6.  Exercise- this is the best method for keeping stress at bay. My assistant always takes a walk around the block at lunch before we start a new project.

 7.  Eat well   Although chocolate and potato chips (in that order) offer the perfect diet solution for most of what ails us, you will then be dealing with two issues. Better to eat well and look and feel your best, (see # 5).   I highly recommend the running with soup diet. (See #6)

 Woman running with soup

 8.  Read a book– I was raised to believe that this is the solution for everything; in this case it offers a great diversion.  Audiobooks work too if you are too stressed to concentrate.

 10. Sleep   nothing helps you cope better with stress than getting a good night’s sleep.  Naps are also a great way to regroup and gather the energy you needed to go on. (Do not do this at work, it will be seen as counterproductive)

woman sleeping at her desk

 11.  Have Fun– we never laugh harder at work than when we are stressed out! At home I always make sure to have something fun planned on the weekend, especially at the end of a particularly hard week.

 12.  Have Faith– this too shall pass, IT ALWAYS DOES!

   So the next time work and life have got you stressed, grab this list and “Roll with it”!   Whether you decide to take a breath, exercise, call a friend or read a book, it won’t be long before you are creating your own “peaceful connected moments“.

 This to shall pass