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Dessert Diva ……. “Recipes for Success”

The recipe for building a strong organization


1. Strong new team members that bring new skills and ideas to the organization.
a. Remember to make sure they are a good corporate cultural fit!
2. A comprehensive on-boarding process to fully engage new employees to the corporate philosophies and culture.
3. Prepare them for success with a fully revamped training program.

Maria Training
Maria Inetti, Director of FSQA


1. New associates to key members of the organization.
2. Arrange meetings with each department head to describe the team function and clarify how the groups will interact.


Left to Right (Christina Morgan, R & D Compliance and Regulatory Coordinator, Jennifer Valentino, Customer Service/Logistics Coordinator)

1. Create an opportunity for cross departmental interaction and introductions:
a. Invite new associates to weekly departmental meetings.
• Include formal introductions and job functions.
• Lighten it up with an ice-breaker.
Stir it up:
2. Schedule time for informal socialization.
a. Set up a casual lunch.
b. Plan a mixer after work.
Point all ingredients in the right direction:
1. Share the company vision and strategic plan.
2. Encourage new members to communicate new ideas for growth.

Ingredients will settle, and then expand over time. Add new ingredients, stir and repeat.

Make it a “delicious” day!
Tune in for more “Recipes for Success” and “Brownie Points”