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Dessert Diva Chronicle ……… “What’s Old is New”

“I don’t drown my sorrows; I suffocate them with chocolate.” ~Author Unknown

Let’s face it, food, especially desserts, stimulates emotion!

When we are happy, we celebrate with food. When we get together with friends and family, it is over a good meal. We take lunch breaks, coffee breaks and take “five” to grab a snack. We eat to revive ourselves when exhausted and drown our sorrows in chocolate when heartbroken!

We all have special foods that stimulate nostalgic memories of childhood and home. Like comfortable old shoes and our favorite timeworn sweater, we go back to them over and over again. Why? They are familiar and bring us comfort. We simply know what to expect.

Food trends follow that vein. Styles and preferences may change over time, yet some items continue to show up in our live and on our dinner plates. Why do some things get slated for extinction while others stand the test of time? These classics, and not so classics, come back in and out of vogue like aviator sunglasses, bell bottoms and bad haircuts. The reason, they bring us back to a happy, simple or safer time. Again, we simply know what to expect.

LQ In the Beginning

In a recent mention in EAT BEAT — “11 Dining Trends From the ’80s That Are Poised for a Comeback,” by Grub Street’s Hugh Merwin: “1. Quiche .… 2. Pasta salad. … 3. Blackened everything. … 4. Pasta primavera. … 5. Nages. … 6. Chicken Marsala. … 7. Swordfish. … 8. Crazy ’80s Logos. … 9. Four-bean salad. … 10. Pink peppercorns. … 11. Glass plates and other tableware weirdness.”
(#Quiche took the number one slot!)

For me quiche was never out of vogue! I was raised cracking eggs, and making fork marks in mouth-watering, buttery crust.  I remain surrounded by quiches today.

On a cold snowy wintery night a slice of quiche still brings me comfort as I sit by the fire warming my toes. I think I also have my glass plates hiding up in the closet. I will dust them off next time I serve a quiche.

Do you remember your first “Quiche”? What special foods bring you comfort? Warm fudgy Brownies? Creamy New York Cheesecake? I would love to know.