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“Who Moved my Keys” …. On Growing Old Gracefully



My daughter and I start every morning the same way.  Rushing to eat our breakfast, packing a healthy lunch, and conducting a last minute wardrobe check.  All systems go; we gather our things, strap into the car, and inevitably I ask her the same questions, “Where are My Keys?”  This is not special behavior I save for my daughter.  I cannot remember the last time I went anywhere with my husband or son that I have not frantically looked for my phone.  I am confident that the APP”Find my Phone” was created with me in mind.  Now if only they would create an APP for “Finding my Glasses“. (This is no easy feat when you have already removed your contacts!)

What is it about growing older?  Are we just distracted? Is old age catching up with us?  Whatever the cause, I am determined to grow old gracefully.

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and I prepared a speech regarding my views on growing old with poise.  I named it “The 30 Things I Now Know that I am 50″.

Here are my favorites that I wanted to share:

·         That your children will turn out just fine if you have a career and travel.  In fact, they might even turn out better.

·         How to finally pick the right man, and that marriage and relationships are a good thing!

·         That life is too short to drink bad wine.

·         That if I eat French fries at lunch it does not mean that I have blown it and that I can’t start my diet again until next Monday.  Further, that dieting only on Mondays is not a good diet strategy.

·         To throw out clothes if I have not worn them in 2 years.  Even if shoulder pads come back in style, am I really going to wear them! 

·        To throw out all clothing that are 2 sized to small.  Even if I can fit back into them, would it really be worth the sacrifice?

·         To shut off my e-mail and cell phone for at least one day a weekend to recharge my personal battery.

·         To have a voice, but not always have an opposing view.

·         That as much as I may want to control my  children, I can’t.  They will do and be what they want.

·         That at 50 I have earned the right to be high maintenance!

·         That it is perfectly acceptable to be domestically challenged.

·         To persevere, and never give up my  dreams.

·         To be grateful every day for the man who decided to put Lycra in jeans and dress pants.

 ·         To be optimistic. 

·         To shut my computer off by 6:30 PM most nights; I am NEVER going to catch up on my e-mails!

·         To empty not fill, with the exception of scarves, boots and other accessories.

·         To laugh at myself and of course at others.

·         To dress like a grown-up but still have an edge.

·         How to surround myself with wonderful people and to truly appreciate the importance of friendship. 

·         That I can’t really eat anything I want if I exercise and do yoga every day, but I will be much calmer about putting on weight.

·         To know when to speak my mind and when to listen.

·         To tell my friends how much I appreciate them, and to make time for them.  Life is fleeting and you never want to have to say “if only I had”.

·         How to truly appreciate the importance of having a great and supportive husband and family and the true value of great friends!


We all lost a beautiful friend, mentor and inspiration this week Fritzi Woods, President of the Women’s Foodservice Forum.   She will be remembered and cherished by all who knew her. It really brings home the importance of treasuring those whom are important to us.

We should all remember to take the time to cherish our friendships, connect on a regular basis and of course appreciate the beauty of life and laughter and above all grow old with dignity and pride.